Bows are ubiquitously useful when it comes to Christmas, whether you’re decorating a gift, your home, or the tree they’re just good to have. All you need to make a lovely paper bow is the shapes below in any print you want. Cut all 3 out. The fish tail shape goes at the bottom. The… View Post

I have been so into candles recently, I would go as far as to say slightly obsessed. I wanted to spruce up one of my votive jars, so I made this printable. I feel like this one isn’t as Christmassy as some of the other advent posts I’m putting up, so it will work even… View Post

Because I’m living on my own, this year will be the first year I decorate a tree, and the rest of my room, from scratch. Without the primary school throw back tree decorations and the aged tinsel stash from the loft to rely on I’ve decided to turn to DIY, because, well, tree decorations are… View Post

As much as I love Christmas, and I really love Christmas, it can be a stressful time. There’s a lot to juggle and the more you care about getting it just so the more stressful it is. These are a couple of things I will be doing this festive season to try and stay calm… View Post