I have found myself gravitating towards the illustrated books on recent, and quite frequent trips to bookshops. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved illustrated books; one of my final GCSE projects was an illustrated book about a llama who got lost. They’re not just works of art, and they’re not just stories,… View Post

I would never have thought to have described myself as a fan of non-fiction, but here I am recommending my second work of non-fiction to you in the book club. That book is The Lonely City by Olivia Laing. It’s part memoir, part art history investigation, and part philosophical investigation into loneliness. As someone who… View Post

As the last post in this little trio about learning graphic design, I wanted to share some of the best advice I’ve received and pass it on to you guys. I’m constantly learning and constantly finding new mentors, whether that’s through work, friendships, or just finding new guides online. I’ve received so much advice and… View Post