The graduate scheme I’m on involves rotating around 4 different companies in a year. That means I’ve met a lot of people, a lot of really fascinating and inspirational people. Meeting all of those people is a big part of the scheme, it’s actually one of its aims. We’re sent around different companies and learn… View Post

Happy Galentine’s Eve! I love Parks and Rec. I’ve loved it from the moment I first binged it to every time I’ve come back when nothing else has quite compared. I’d say I’m 90% Lesley (10% April) an assessment that has scientifically been verified by several Buzzfeed quizzes. So, it should come as no surprise… View Post

I know I’m late to reading this one. Fates and Furies had its moment in 2015. It was hyped. Then it was Obama’s favourite novel of the year. Then it was hyped even more. But somehow, probably in a stupor of Early Modern essays I missed it. 2 years on, it’s still fantastic. Fates and… View Post

It’s a new year and everyone’s really keen to start taking on more projects and make a fresh start with some fresh work. But before you just dive in, take a step back and really put some consideration in when you’re writing your contracts. I’ll be honest and say that when I stated out and… View Post