With Friday comes the fifth of this time travel interview series, this time with the then up and coming Caleb Hahne. Caleb Hahne is a recent grad (he’s the kind of 21 year old that makes me feel like I’ve done nothing with the same number of years) from the Rocky Mountain College of Art… View Post

Interview number four is with all around awesome lady Evie Cahir. Melbourne based artist Evie Cahir’s watercolour illustrations depict the little moments in life. Each fragment is carefully detailed and archived, then left to stand alone in a frame of negative space, which just begs you pay attention to what’s at its focus. That focus… View Post

The third of my throwback interviews is with the ever thought provoking Anatol Knotek. Anatol Knotek is an Austrian artist and visual poet whose work takes the simple truths and ideas we often overlook when taking them for granted and makes them visible. For those of you not familiar with the concept of visual poetry,… View Post

This is the second in my series of throwback interviews, this time with the incredibly talented May Xiong. If there’s a moustachioed man, covered in mackerel vertically streaked with a smudge of mauve and he’s looking straight at you, you have to ask yourself “why?”. That’s exactly what I did when I first saw May… View Post