Inspiration: Artist Edition

A quick run down of some of my favourite creators right now. These are people who have moved me in some way, whether that’s moving me to get on with my own work or moving me to giggles.

Ben Javens

Ben Javens - Down

Ben Javens – Down

Ben Javens is a new addition to my favourites list. I love his simple style and his use of colour. I think his print ‘Down’ is really what solidified my love for his work, it changed how I view the escalator I ride everyday. His characters are so distinctive, you see them and you know who’s drawn them. That’s something I’m always aspiring to, and it’s particularly impressive when its done with so few marks.

Adam JK

Adam JK - Assumption Print

Adam JK – Assumption Print

Adam J. Kurtz’s is like that friend who knows you so well that they can be super honest with you. His work is frank, it’s open, and it still cares. It’s also really funny. He’s just started a youtube channel, which is ace – I highly recommend you check it out. I have a selection of his stuff already, but every time I open his gift shop my wish list grows longer. I can’t wait for his new book ‘Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now and Later’ to come into my life in October.

Ruby Etc

Ruby Etc - Simmer Down

Ruby Etc – Simmer Down

Ruby isn’t a new favourite, but her work is always something I come back to again and again. Her sketches and doodles usually deal with stuff that I really relate to, because they deal with how to live with anxiety and depression. Whilst they’re pretty heavy subjects, Ruby deals with them in the way that you actually deal with them, personally and often with humour. The spontaneity in her drawings makes them feel more like a conversation, or like she’s working it out for herself, which just makes her stuff even more inviting and relatable. She also has a super cute dog.

Will Bryant

Will Bryant - Feel the Rythmn, Feel the Rhyme

Will Bryant – Feel the Rythmn, Feel the Rhyme

Will Bryant’s work just makes me happy. It’s that simple. In particular his patterns are just stunning. They’re the kind of pieces which, despite their simplicity, you can tell have had years of practice behind them. There’s a confidence in every line. I love that they’re physical labours of love too, you can imagine works like Jazzercise having actual physical movements behind them. Seriously, follow him on tumblr, because it will just brighten up your day (also his studio is just goals).



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