It’s rare I do any kind of shopping guide, except for my Christmas gift guide, even though they seem to be something of a staple in the blogging world. But today I’m changing things up, because I’ve been bulking up my art supply cupboard so I’ve been doing a little bit more shopping over the… View Post

I want to be honest, this post is almost entirely an excuse for me to draw some of my favourite film characters. But this is my blog and I’ll make what I want to. So, in the same spirit as my podcast posters, I’ve done a small series of portraits of characters from four of… View Post

It’s the middle of February. It’s still cold and dark outside. If you’re in London it feels like you haven’t seen any sunlight in years. The new year (and your resolutions) has just about lost its shine. It’s time for a pep talk. It’s time for you to remember you to just trust yourself. You… View Post

Something I’ve really struggled with in the past, and still do to an extent, is maintaining my voice when doing client work. So, I thought I’d share the things that have really been working for me, because it’s a lot trickier than it sounds.   The first step is to find your voice and use… View Post