Top 5 DIY Gifts

Still stuck on those last few Christmas gifts? Feeling uninspired, or running low on cash? I’ve got you covered, with my top 5 DIY gifts. I’m not going to lie, these aren’t as easy as just buying someone a box of chocolates but they are a lot more thoughtful.


Everyone loves some greenery in their life, and it’s been scientifically proven that having plants in your home is good for you. But, not everyone is the best at keeping plants alive (hi!). That’s where the terrarium comes in, not only are they really lovely to look at they’re also really hard to mess up. Apartment Therapy has some really great instructions and tips for putting one together. Added bonus, they’re much less spiky to carry than a cactus.


Still got that box of chocolates on your mind? This one should satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. It’s the perfect antidote to the loss of Bake Off and any new year’s diets. All you need to do is measure and add the dry ingredients for cookies into a jar, then add a label with instructions for adding the wet ingredients. For all in one instructions, The Very Best Baking has everything you need. If you’re looking for a different cookie recipe, these are some of my favourites:

For healthier sorts, Lee Hersh’s Cherry Pistachio Energy Balls

Or for slightly more indulgence, go with these brownies from the ever wonderful Oh Lady Cake

My favourite choice chip cookies from Tanya Burr, you’ll probably need to scale down this recipe to fit it in a jar.

Keep the festive season going with some gingerbread, don’t forget to gift a little person cutter with your jar for this one.


I found out this year that homemade soap is surprisingly easy to pull together, so I’ve added it to this list. There are so many variations that can make the humble bar of soap something really special and it’s easy to bulk make if you have a lot of gifts to put together. A Beautiful Mess has so many you can peruse, from colour block soaps to spiced latte soap, to soap on a rope, and loads more beside those. If you’re feeling fancy you can even make a little popsicle tray/sled to deliver your soap on. 


If you can’t knit but still want to give the gift of toastiness to your loved one, this is for you. A Beautiful Mess (again, can you tell I love their DIYs) has all of the instructions you need to turn an old jumper or any knitted item really (where are my Helgas at?) into a lovely pair of homemade mittens. If you want to make them extra special have a go at putting some embroidery, maybes some initials. 


Still don’t think that DIT gifts can be modern and stylish? Think again, these marble effect coasters from Homey Oh My will please even the most discerning of customers. They’re also really fun and easy to make – always a bonus. If you’ve got any friends who have recently moved or just love homeware this is the DIY for you.


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