48 Practical Ideas for Self-Care

I think self-care is particularly important for people with creative jobs because so much of what we create has to come out of ourselves, and if you don’t look after yourself you won’t have anything else left to give. Plus, after my last post about some tough stuff I thought it was only right I shared some little things to make life better. Here are 48 little self-care activities (handily the number of weeks we have left this year) you can do to help you be your best self.

  1. Take 3 deep breaths – actively thinking about your breathing and slowing it down is a great way to destress and calm down.
  2. Have a shower – showers are just magic. They give you a moment to just stand and be quiet, plus when you slowly cool down after a shower your body relaxes.
  3. Make something with your hands – it doesn’t matter what, it could be a cake, a pot, a scarf, anything just make it with your mitts.
  4. Put some music on and have a dance – this never fails to make me feel better.
  5. Fix 1 thing that’s been irritating you – whether there’s a flickering lightbulb in your house or a loose button, fix one thing that bothers you. You’ll feel super productive and get rid of a pain point for future you.
  6. Meditate – meditation not only helps calm and centre you in the short term it can also help you get better at understanding yourself in the long term.
  7. Do a declutter – Marie Kondo has made a career out of how much decluttering can help you clear your mind. You don’t need to reorder your whole house, just tidy up a corner or a cupboard.
  8. Change your sheets – there’s nothing better than tucking yourself into clean sheets
  9. Unplug for an hour – we’re constantly online, checking our emails or our notifications. Try to set aside some time to go tech free, you won’t believe how liberating it is (after you get past the initial anxiety)
  10. Go for a walk – a little bit of light exercise will release endorphins and getting out in the fresh air can really help clear your mind.
  11. Call someone you love – sometimes it’s good just to have a chat about nothing, and I’m sure whoever you call will appreciate it.
  12. Treat yo’ self – buy a little gift for yourself because you can.
  13. Go out to the movies on your own – you can see whatever you want, sit wherever you want, eat whatever you want and completely escape into another world.
  14. Help someone else – this one’s just a double whammy of good, whether it’s big or small knowing you can help someone else will make you feel better about yourself and make someone else’s day.
  15. Stroke a pet – dogs go around hospitals for a reason, having a tickle of their fluffy little ears is guaranteed to make you feel better. If you don’t have your own volunteer at a shelter, borrow someone else’s, or make a friend at the park (but always make sure you ask permission first)
  16. Get dressed up – it’s easy to get into a funk of just wearing your pyjamas, but getting dressed up just for yourself can instantly perk you up.
  17. Write out your thoughts – this can help you clarify your thoughts and be really cathartic.
  18. Unsubscribe to all of those spam emails – search unsubscribe in your inbox and get rid of them all.
  19. Cuddle something/someone – it doesn’t matter if it’s a person, a pet or even a pillow, having a cuddle releases those feel good/cozy chemicals in your brain.
  20. Set up a compliments jar/folder – quite often we give more weight to the criticism we get rather than the compliments. Set up a compliments folder or jar so you remember the goof things people say about you.
  21. Moisturise – not only does this make your skin feel good, the process of rubbing a moisturiser into your body starts up your self-comfort systems.
  22. Have a mini-spa day – pamper yourself in any which way you choose.
  23. Unfollow everyone you don’t like on social media – you don’t need to follow someone who you don’t like.
  24. Write a list of your achievements – you’ve achieved a lot, don’t forget it.
  25. Make an album out of any loose photos – it’s always good to make something. Making photo albums is particularly fun though because it means you can go back through old memories and reminisce, plus you get to tick off the decluttering box as well.
  26. Do some colouring in – it’s fun and calming and taps into your inner child.
  27. Have a good cry – sometimes you need to just let it out, don’t feel bad about it.
  28. Change up your routine – go to work via a different route or change up your chore schedule. Changing your routine is a great way to change your thinking if you get stuck in a rut.
  29. Make plans – give yourself something to look forward to.
  30. Cancel plans – delete anything you don’t want to do from your diary.
  31. Try out aromatherapy – I was cynical about this before but it really does work!
  32. Stretch – a simple quick fix that can give you a 30 second refresh, and helps combat those desk based injuries.
  33. Write a thank you letter to someone you love – remind yourself of the people you’re grateful for and then make their day by telling them about it.
  34. Volunteer for a charity you believe in – do good, feel good. It’s that simple.
  35. Go to a coffee shop and order something delicious – take yourself out on a mini date. Eating something tasty always makes you feel good and it’s never a bad thing to get out and go somewhere new.
  36. Make a pillow fort – it’s fun and snuggly, like a less pretentious hygge.
  37. Have a nap – sometimes you just need a rest, and I have a strong belief that naps, like tea, solve everything.
  38. Sign up to a class – learn something new and meet some new people.
  39. Eat some fruit – eating something that’s good for your body will make you feel better not just physically but mentally.
  40. Travel somewhere new – travelling is good for the soul, and experiencing something new can give you a different perspective on your life.
  41. Take yourself outside – your mum was right you really do need some fresh air, and it’s best sampled amongst the trees or on the beach.
  42. Bring nature inside – there’s loads of science that says that houseplants are good for your mental and physical health, and who am I to disagree with science?
  43. Watch something guaranteed to make you laugh – sometimes you just need to laugh to remind yourself you can.
  44. Repeat an affirmation until you believe it – this one is quite old school but sometimes you need to give yourself a bit of a pep talk.
  45. Cook a whole meal and sit down and eat it at a table – you’ll feel accomplished and nourished, what could be better?
  46. Make sure you cook and freeze some leftovers too – this one is self-care for future you.
  47. Chat to a stranger – start up a conversation with someone in a shop rather than using the self-checkout
  48. Listen to an uplifting podcast – fill your ears with something that makes you feel better.




  1. February 3, 2017 / 4:41 am

    I’ve also noticed expressing creativity out of myself requires far more efforts! All of these are really helpful and inspiring! Thanks xx

    Kaylee 🌛ㅣJK’s Dawn

    • Natalie
      February 3, 2017 / 11:01 am

      Thanks Kaylee! You’re right being creative uses up way more energy than you think

  2. February 4, 2017 / 2:04 pm

    Colouring in has really helped, it’s quite stress relieving and really clears my head for some reason

    Jacqui || Jaqventures

    • Natalie
      February 4, 2017 / 2:22 pm

      This really makes me want to do some colouring in now Jacqui, it used to honestly be my absolute favourite!

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