There’s so much going in London throughout the year, but even more so over the festive period, some might say it’s even too much. But I’ve sorted through never ending list of and pulled out a couple of gems so you don’t have to. 1. Experience Christmas Past at the Charles Dicken’s Museum, where the… View Post

Because I’m living on my own, this year will be the first year I decorate a tree, and the rest of my room, from scratch. Without the primary school throw back tree decorations and the aged tinsel stash from the loft to rely on I’ve decided to turn to DIY, because, well, tree decorations are… View Post

As much as I love Christmas, and I really love Christmas, it can be a stressful time. There’s a lot to juggle and the more you care about getting it just so the more stressful it is. These are a couple of things I will be doing this festive season to try and stay calm… View Post