I was going to do another top five blogs I’ve been reading this month post, but then I realised there was really only one that I wanted to talk about, Cocorrina . So, that’s what I’m going to do. This is a more in depth review of the one blog I’m loving above all else… View Post

I mainly try and fight against procrastination on this blog, but sometimes it’s just got to happen, and when it does happen it’s nice to be able to semi-count it as something productive. There are a few design based sites I usually turn to when I feel like my brain just doesn’t want to work… View Post

As applications for The Engine Grad Scheme* have now opened, and the current grads are a big part of marketing it, I’ve recently been fielding a lot of questions about grad schemes and application tips. In part as an exercise for me to rehearse my answers, and in the hopes that this might help someone out there,… View Post

One piece of work that I’ve been super proud of recently is the series of #mondaymotivation posts I made for The Browser. These are illustrated quotes that were used on social media to help engage The Browser’s readers in a slightly different form. If you haven’t heard of them, The Browser are a great group… View Post