My Christmas Traditions

Now that Christmas Christmas is almost upon us I thought I’d share a bit more of a personal post and share some of my favourite festive traditions.



Christmas is 80% about the food for me (as you will be able to see on this list). On Christmas eve we always have a buffet which is a table full of all of the food that my mum has been “saving for Christmas”.



The other big foodie even of Christmas eve is that we get to cut into the Christmas cake. It’s just a traditional fruit cake, but oh my is it tasty. Nothing says Christmas quite like it. When I was at home, my mum and I would bake it in September, at the start of the school year and let it develop (and soak up more and more brandy) in the run up to Christmas. Although I haven’t been there for the baking the last couple of years, I do still receive regular updates on how boozy it’s getting.



This is only a recent tradition, but because I don’t have a bath where I live now (or since I went to uni) I like to have a big festive bath and really take the time to soak and relax.



As I said, there’s a lot of food involved in our Christmas traditions. Christmas breakfast means bagels (with Salmon and cream cheese normally) in my house as well as lots and lots of tea.



The main activity in my family Christmas is watching TV. I basically become a vegetable over the holidays. We’ll watch pretty much anything from big blockbusters, to whatever the BBC has to offer, to Say Yes to the Dress and E! News we’re really not picky. Plus, if my dad gets a chance at the remote you can bet there will be some football on too.



The other thing we (well just my mum and I) do over the holidays is a jigsaw puzzle. I love puzzling. It’s so easy to get completely absorbed in finding the pieces, and it gets us away from the TV.



Last but not least, you guessed it, it’s more food! Christmas dinner is probably my favourite part of Christmas. We have ours around 4pm so somewhere between lunch and dinner. It’s essentially just my mum’s roast dinner, but with some special festive touches. We’re talking crackers, Brussel sprouts, extra roast potatoes, and Yorkshire puddings.


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